Well, thanks for stopping by! I'm Jon-Michael and that  ^  is my family, my beautiful wife Amanda and our three children. Mia is our oldest, Gavin is my mini-me, and Nora is our little one. I grew up in the Midwest, Iowa to be exact and my wife is from Anchorage, AK.

I started getting interested in photography when I took a film photography class as a senior at Bettendorf High. The class was extremely fun and I really loved learning about developing film and the whole 35mm film process. Growing up when I did however, digital was really gaining steam so I didn't shoot with film much after my photography class. 

Once I got a decent digital camera I started shooting all the time. I love taking photos of completely random things! I think there is beauty everywhere, you might just have to take another look or look at something differently to be able to see it. While I was learning my early digital cameras, I had a friend (whose daughter I taught in martial arts classes as a kid) that introduced me to photoshop and post-processing of the photos I took. He really helped and pushed me to learn new techniques as well as keep practicing. 

My first "portrait" shoot was senior pictures for my cousin. I'm very thankful that my aunt had faith in me and allowed me to shoot for them. Shortly after that, a friend of my sister booked me for a wedding shoot. I remember being incredibly nervous! Although it was still early in my photography, I was proud that the shoot wasn't a complete failure and I was able to capture some special moments on the couple's wedding day. 

In 2015 we decided to move to Alaska and give "The Last Frontier" a shot. We took a 16 day journey across the country and Canada to our new home. Growing up in the midwest was great and I absolutely love it there but "giving it a go" in Alaska was something that we needed to try. Since moving here, I've been able to shoot some portraits for family members and also some senior portraits and am looking forward to capturing more of the moments for people.

Thank you for visiting my page and "let's have fun with these photos"